Account creation

Place, formerly Backplane, was a social media platform that focused on creating communities based on niche areas of interest. This project focused on creating a registration process that covered login, sign up, verification, and on boarding tips.

Methods & Approach

// User Research
// User Flows
// Usability Testing

Research & discovery

The first step to this project required understanding all the angles at which a user may possibly access the login/sign up screens. As a team we identified all possible access points for a potential user. 

From there we needed to understand what the user may know about the product and app features to determine how best to proceed with on boarding tips. In addition to understanding the user’s perceptive, we worked on minimizing the process in which a user verified his/her account. 

With all these avenues hashed out, I proceeded to work on wireframes and the first iteration of the UI designs. After which, Sophie worked with what I had started on and continued to iterate and create the final polished screens you see here. 

As these designs finalized, we continued with validation through usability tests in which I ran. This new registration process for the Place app launched in Spring 2015.

the team

My Role: UX Researcher, Interaction Designer
Lead Designer: Sophie Su
Product Manager: Zoe Bridges