Hello, I’m Jess and I design products with a focus in UX!

My process always starts with the why.

Having a purpose and believing that my design will make a difference is how I create great work.


Growing up in both eastern and western culture has given me an extraordinary worldview. A designer who is passionate about creating solutions for the betterment of my community, I believe that design solutions are best found by taking an interdisciplinary approach. Through my studies, I’ve gained my design skills but through my experiences I have learned a wealth of knowledge not only in design but also in culture and diversity. The fastest ways to my heart are puppies and food.


I am a UX Designer at eero, a San Francisco startup that aims to change the way you WiFi. At eero, I focus on our mobile app that allows the user to quickly and easily set up their home WiFi network and monitor their network activity. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati and have been in the Bay Area for a year and a half!